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We Buy Comic Books

Now serving the entire Tri-State area - (that's NY,NJ,CT) as well as eastern PA and DE

We just love comic books so much, we don't just sell them, we buy them too! Whether you're cleaning out your own personal "fortress of solitude" to make room in your house, or if you're another comic shop like email us - or call us at 1-800-893-1373 and let us know know what you've got.

We've always got our eye out for :

  • Personal comic collections (1930's-2000's)
  • Old store/dealer inventories
  • CGC graded comics
  • Single key issues
  • Graphic novels
  • Original comic book art

Not sure what you have

Then again, not everyone know's what they have. Whether you inherited a collection, found a long box in your house when you moved in, or someone just gave you a stack to read, and now you're done, whatever the case, we don't judge, but we can help, regardless of your skill level - Don't know the difference between Detective Comics and Marvel, that's perfectly fine, we will help you go through your collection, explain what you have and let you decide what's best to do with it. Even if you know a little, need a little money and aren't sure whether to sell your Action Comics #1 or your favorite Amazing Spiderman set, we have the expertise to help you get the best value.

If you're a dealer and need to clear out space for new inventory - call us - we love helping friends out in the trade.

We may ask for pictures, or might want to meet to take a look in person.