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Our Easy Return Policy

If your order was damaged in transit never got there

Please Email us as soon as possible. We will, refund, or reship all or part of the order, as appropriate.

If the order was damaged, keep the packaging! We can use it to file for insurance on the package; it makes it much harder to give a refund to you if we aren't able to process our claim. We ask that you let us know about damage to your order within seven business days of receipt (or the expected date of delivery), otherwise, we will not be able to help.

If we accidentally overgraded a comic

Our experts have decades of comic book experience and really know their stuff, but, from time to time, because they're human (we're working on that) mistakes happen. Comics graded by CGC and PGX are not returnable. All other comics may be returned for a refund if you Email us within seven days of of receipt. If you can Email pictures of why you think it's not the right grade, we will print them out, roll them up, and swat our graders on the nose. Most times that's all it takes. Please include a contact number, in case we have questions. If you don't want to keep the comic, send it back. Returns must be received at our office within two weeks of original delivery date (Canadian three weeks, international one month). We will add basic ground postage costs to the refund on any books deemed to have been misgraded.

Oh right - please include a copy of the original invoice with notations for items returned - we really need that so we can re-grade the book, and re-mark it for sale the right way.

Without a copy of the original invoice, it's much harder for us and items returned will experience significant delays in processing. Items returned without an invoice will be charged a 25% restocking fee, deducted from the value of the refund (so do the right thing).

We're good - but sometimes everyone has a bad day

If we screw up and send you the wrong item, or completely fall asleep on the job and forget to send your item, please give us a hand and tell us about it within seven business days of receipt (or lack there of). We will make it right, as we deem appropriate. If we need you to return the book, we will reimburse you for basic ground shipping and apologize profusely, because, we are usually much better than that.

If you bought the wrong thing

Hey - we've butt dialed a few people too. We've also gotten that "oh gee you shouldn't have" look after giving a gift. Please Email us within three business days of receipt. We will refund you for the line-item value of the book (without shipping), less a 25% restocking fee. We will not reimburse you for your shipping. We make this a little harder because "one apple spoils the bunch". We've gotten burned a few times on people trying to take us for a ride. So we have to show a little tough love here.

Good News - We Buy Books

If we have sold you a book, it may be returned as above. If you wish to sell us a book back Email us and send us some pictures (of the book only please). We can't buy it at the same grade we sold it, because rent and food and business - we guarantee only that once bought, we will sell it.