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Supermoon - Lunatics

8/9/2014 1:15 PM

It was August 10th 2014, easy enough to remember because she read the article in the Huffington Post about the Supermoon earlier that day. Melissa scoffed, "Supermoon... reminds me of Superman."The phone rang and startled her "Hello?" she answered. First silence, but then a crackle and an odd series of tones, beeps and buzzes. Melissa hung up the phone and as if in a trance, got up from her seat and walked.Read More
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... we interrupt your regular broadcast for, this...

Sometimes, we take a very short break from doing comic book stuff... to-do-other-comic-book-stuff... yea, its kind of an obsession. Anyway, one of our hobbies is surfing the internet, honestly, when you spend as much time reading comic books as we do, the interwebs are really the best way to find out what's going on in the world. Aaaanyyyway... We were surfing this morning and found this great post on reddit . Go a head, go look and come back when you're done...

Aaaaand you're back... cool! so that keyboard was cool right? Yea, we thought so too. we really liked the comment calling out all the keys, because from the picture, some of them were hard to see. In case you missed the comment, here's a quote

  • a - Apocalypse

  • b - Batman

  • c - Captain America

  • d - Deadpool

  • e - Electro

  • f - Flash

  • g - Green Lantern

  • h - Hawkeye or more Likely Havok

  • i - Iron Man

  • j - Joker

  • k - Kid Flash

  • l - Leonardo(Ninja Turtle)

  • m - Magneto

  • n - Nova

  • o - Orko

  • p - Punisher

  • q - Quicksilver

  • r - Robin

  • s - Spiderman

  • t - Thor

  • u - Ultra Boy

  • v - Venom

  • w - Wolverine

  • x - X-men

  • y - Y the last man

  • z - Zorro

  • This was such a fun post, that it got us thinking about alternative super heroes, like W= Wonder Woman, H= Hulk, S= Superman... you get the picture... it's been stuck in our heads so much we decided to use the blog and park the idea of using this as some fun for our shoppers-that-we-haven't-quite-figured-out-yet. We'll come back to it, and when we've got it, you'll get it.

    Have fun comic fans


    ... and now back to our regularly scheduled program...

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The evil plot

8/4/2014 11:39 PM

2 days earlier, back at the hospital… She stared at the doctor with tears in her eyes and sobbed, "Wha - what do I do?" The doctor put a hand on her shoulder "Do you know where he might go? He likely has some of his older memories." He tried his best to console her. She wiped the tears, managing not to smudge her makeup. "Maybe… the shop?" She sniffled. "Go there, but know this- he may not be the same man you remember- he's changed in ways that we've not been able to fully test yet." She hurried out of the hospital only half listening. She ran down the street passing the bar where Bob was sitting, not seeing his reflection in the mirror as she rushed by. She went straight to the Searchlight Comics warehouse and pushed open the door to find… no one… Just piles of comic books and a few custom sets Bob had been building around the banner for the New York Comic Con. She remembered her last talk with him earlier that day…Read More
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Found some great issues

7/31/2014 10:31 PM

Suddenly Mike walked into the warehouse to find Bob engrossed reading some of the inventory. "Bob!?" he interrupted "what gives- shouldn't we be packing those up for stock or something?" "Wha--What? Oh hi Mike. Check this out. I was going through an old box of comics I bought from a friend's shop and I found this great series Big Hero 6!" Bob pointed to the sets. "I almost don't want to put them on the website, this is really one of my favorites" Bob added. Mike looked at the books "Oh I just saw the Disney movie trailer for Big Hero 6" is that the same series? "

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The inspiration for the upcoming Disney Animated film of the same name. “Big Hero 6” is a comedy-adventure about Hiro, who’s in the midst of a plot and must transform his closest friend Baymax—along with his friends friends into heroes. Be sure to pick up a copy of this very low print run before we sell out.

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New York Comic Con

7/12/2014 6:55 PM

Short ContentRead More


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The Searchlight Comics team will be set up at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con June 19 thru 22nd. We’ll be featuring thousands of back issue comics, 20% all purchases over $25.00, coupons for newly re-released Searchlight Comics website, and much more!

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Attending Special Edition: NYC

5/30/2014 1:33 PM

Checkout Searchlight Comics at our at the first ever Special Edition: NYC! We’ll be featuring thousands of back issue comics, 20% all purchases over $25.00, coupons for newly re-released Searchlight Comics website, and much more!

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