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50 Pack - 25 Marvel and 25 DC Premium Comicn Collectio

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  • 50 Marvel and DC Premium Comic Collection
  • 50 Pack - 25 Marvel and 25 DC Premium Comicn Collectio
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50 Marvel and DC Premium Comic Collection

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Price: $49.99


Are you a fan of DC Comics? How about Marvel Comics? What about both? Our 50 Marvel and DC Premium Comic Collection is a top seller, as it provides you with a variety of titles from the two biggest comic book companies in the world.

With this collection, you will receive 25 DC and 25 Marvel comic books. While we don’t guarantee which issues you receive, some of the superheroes to watch for include: Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Superman, Teen Titans, Thor, and X-Men.

With such a large assortment, this makes for a nice addition to any collection. For parents who want to buy comics for a child, it doesn’t get much better than those from DC and Marvel.

The average condition of these comics, which range in year from the 1980’s through today, is very fine.

With no duplication guaranteed, when you purchase this collection you will end up with 50 unique issues that are sure to please. What more could you want?

Product Details

Comic Publisher
DC, Marvel
Comic Character
Batman, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Justice League, Legion Of Superheroes, Nightwing, Robin, Spider-Man, Supergirl, Superman, Teen Titans, Thor, Wonder Woman, X-Factor, X-Men
Comic Grade
VF/NM (You may recieve books in lowers grades this is the just the average overall grade)
Comic Lot Size

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